Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Power of a Writer

I had just finished watching the last episode of Season Three in the saga of "Downton Abbey", the wildly popular BBC series focusing on the privileged and not-so-privileged. What we learned throughout the ongoing story was this: when it comes to disasters, it doesn't matter who you are or how much money you make...they happen to everyone, regardless of status.

Even though we were reminded of that truth during each episode, it wasn't until I viewed the final scene that it hit me like a monsoon. It was almost too much to bear. Just when I was reveling in the "happily ever after" scene, it happened. I couldn't believe it! I felt cheated. Slightly depressed.

Those of you who have seen it know what I mean. Did the writer want to add a wicked twist to the plot? Did the actor want out? If so, could I have obliged? For whatever reason, the results did not sit well with me.

Then, almost immediately, I began to think of myself and my role as a writer. I, too, have that power. The power to write in or write out characters at will. I realized I would have found difficulty in writing a scene so tragic. So unpredictable. So unwanted.

But that is the beauty of being a writer. I don't have to write scenes that lead to despair. And if I did, one thing is for sure...they would lead to good. There would be a reason. All would work out in the end. It would give my readers hope. Because we all need hope in these days of uncertainty. And I know that my hope is in God, who does work all things together for good.

Who knows? Maybe all things will work out for good in the next season of "Downton Abbey". That is Julian Fellowes prerogative. We will wait another year to see...


  1. It's hard to write scenes like that, I'm sure. Wrenchingly hard. But the truth in this situation is, the actor wanted to go on to other things. And so Fellowes had to deal with that.

    Waiting a whole year to find out what happens next is going to be difficult!

    1. Yes, Beth, I give Fellowes much credit. I couldn't be a screen writer! I did hear that the actor wanted out. And who can blame him? Why be chained to a series when you can do other things? His choice affects the viewers more than anyone else, I think. But, as we writers know, you can't please everyone!


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