Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steps to Publication in the New Year

I've been enlightened!

I'm realizing I can't tackle everything at once. I either do a good job in one area, or so-so in many. I must decide. And the start of a new year is the perfect opportunity!

Below is a list of tasks or goals for the writer which takes him/her from idea to publication. Hopefully, I've listed them in chronological order:

  • Finding Ideas/inspiration

  • Reading in the genre you wish to write


  • Choosing what to write: PBs, early chapter books, Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction...which one is for you?

  • Finding your writer's voice

  • Writing the Story:

            -Mechanics of writing
            -Word choices
            -Character development

  • Your schedule/organization of time and environment

  • Writer's Challenges

  • Editing:

           -Story boarding
           -Critique groups

  • Submissions:


    Jeff Goins

  • Finding the right Editor/Publications

  •  Is an agent in your future?

  • Platform/social media

  • Promoting your book

I have made the commitment to concentrate on the mechanics of writing this year, and drop all the rest. Not completely, of course. I will still be blogging, continuing to search for the appropriate publications for my manuscripts, and so on, but that will not be my main emphasis.

Do you need to hone your focus? Are you wasting precious time? Pick one area, and make a resolution to concentrate your efforts there...

Can you add any others to my list? Leave them in the comment box below:



  1. You are right about focus. I really want to try some MG or YA, but I'm still new enough at all this that I feel I should just focus on learning PB mechanics for awhile before I move on to something else.
    OR I could create a wormhole where I can go and time stands still. I think I may have enough time then.

    1. Wouldn't that be nice, Lauri! Good thought...

  2. Yes, I do need to hone my focus, and that is: writing consistently. Thanks for a great list!


    1. You are welcome, Debbie. Happy New Year!


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