Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Plans Realized, Preparation Begun!

Hello Friends!
     We at the Del Boccio home are excited about the doors the Lord is opening for us.  On March  24th, the four of us will be leaving for the Mediterranean (D.V.) for a "Footsteps of Paul/Revelation of John" tour that takes us to Greece, Turkey and ultimately, Rome.  I, being the primary educator of our children, and dubbed "the field trip queen", have been planning and saving for over 5 years to bring this about.  Of course, we can make our plans, but the Lord directs our steps (Proverbs 16:9).
     We will fly to Athens, where we will board a small cruise ship (that allows us to access tiny ports), and make our way to Thessaloniki, Philippi, Istanbul, Pergamum & Sardis, Ephesus & Miletus, the Island of Patmos, then back to Athens/Corinth.
     From the port of Piraeus, we head via ferry to Bari, Italy where we "cross the boot" and land in Pompeii.  Here we will walk the cobblestone streets, tread upon by the citizens of that ancient town during the eruption of Mt Vesuvius (A.D. 79), which destroyed everything in it's path.  Hopefully, we will be reminded that life can be short, so we need to live for the Lord.
     Then on to Rome, where we visit the Coliseum (where many Christians were martyred for their faith), Mamertina Prison (I believe Paul was sequestered here), the Forum, Vatican, and of course, the Catacombs, where many Christians hid to enable them to freely worship the Lord their God.  Do we really appreciate our freedom of religion as it stands today?
     We fly from Rome, then, on April 5th, somewhat reluctantly, but definitely weary (I am already, just thinking about it!), towards home...please pray that every aspect of this trip will honor our Lord.  We trust that this experience will allow us to view Scripture as never before, and that it will change us so we can be more like Christ.  Bible tracts, in Italian, Greek, and Turkish, which we have purchased, will be passed out as the Lord lead...again, pray for wisdom in this task.
     I plan to blog (best laid plans...they keep us very busy) every other day, so you can live vicariously through our travels, and maybe add a photo or two... I will need to rely heavily on the males in our family for that technical support.  If we could take unlimited baggage, you all would be joining us!
     We would love to hear your comments, and look forward to sharing our trip with you in person when we return.

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Journey into the Promised Land

Journey into the Promised Land
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