Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Things Through Christ

Our departure date is drawing week from tomorrow!
This last week has been one of testing, especially for me. But one praise item before I begin. Mario's passport arrived on Thursday, and for that we are most thankful to the Lord.
Besides the passport incident, my 98 year old Mother was admitted into the hospital on Thursday, to rule out TIA's which, upon closer look, was the case. Tomorrow the rehab doc will evaluate her, to see if she goes back to her Assisted Living quarters, or to the Alexian Brothers Rehabilitation Building. Although this was the last thing I or she wanted to happen, the Lord is working this out to everyone's good...she now will have lots of attention. Mom needs that to keep her mind off the fact that we will be gone. In fact, the doctor has requested that we keep our departure from her if possible, so she doesn't get worked up and return to the hospital again.
Now, it looks like sore throats are in order for us, and my upper right molar is causing me grief. I have left a message with my dentist, hoping that he can attend to it before the weekend. And so it goes on. I can't remember a time when so much uncertainty surrounded us as we approached our travel date. As Paul, I am learning to be content in all circumstances, and have been experiencing peace as I do. Please pray that everything will work together for good, and that we will be a good witness through it all.
Our itinerary packet with all our travel documents should arrive early this week. My next blog will include more news and info concerning our tour. Oh, by the way, we just discovered that we will be on three flights (count them...three) before we reach the shores of Athens. That spells exhaustion for me...but...I am learning that whatever state I find myself...I am to be CONTENT.

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  1. Hey Jarm,

    Great to hear that the passport is ready. The Lord is just checking to see if you are depending on Him. Yikes. Do get the tooth sorted out. Twice I have had to have extractions while I've traveled, so you want to reduce your stress before hand. We keep praying for you. Love, Karen


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Journey into the Promised Land
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