Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blown Off Course, or...If This is Sunday, it Must Be Paris

Bonjour, mes amis!
Yes, it's true.  We are in (or, on the outskirts of ) Paris.  I've always wanted to visit this historic city, but not now.
This morning, we discovered that our first flight to London was cancelled.  They are having mega problems with the new Terminal 5.  So, we were happily rerouted to Paris, and then a straight flight to Chicago.  A welcome event, considering that we were facing two more flights. Here's a photo VERY early in the morning, with Christopher, our wonderful British "tour assistant". We left late from Rome, and arrived 40 minutes before our next Air France flight.  We ran, without stopping, though a maze of gates, trains, lines, and two security barriers that moved like molasses in January.  When we arrive at our departure gate, they would not allow us on, even tho' it hadn't moved from the runway.  A rule, evidently, here in Paris.  If your not on time, for whatever reason, it's a "no go".
To make a long story short, the transfer desk gave us a ticket on the next Air France flight...tomorrow!  So, we are booked into a so-so hotel at the airport, and will have dinner and breakfast compliments of Air France.  (Note after the fact...the food was wonderful.  The breakfast, especially delicious was complete with homemade yoghurt and pastries of all sorts. That almost made up for the missed flight!!) They assured us we could take the train into town, and see the sites.  I thought that this would make up for the inconvenience. It didn't, because first of all, it's Sunday, and nothing is open.  And to take the train to the center of town?  Well, about $75 one way for the four of us. 
So, here we sit, taking it easy.  Dan will not be in to work tomorrow, and the kids and I will not begin school in the morning. Surprisingly, Mario was disappointed.
To my amazement, I am taking this all in much could have otherwise happened to make this a disaster.  I'll let your imagination run wild.  I am truly learning to be thankful in all circumstances, and to "consider it all joy".  And that makes it all worthwhile, because the Lord never makes a mistake.
I'm enjoying the challenge of renewing my knowledge of French while we wait...please pray that we will be patient and thankful for all that comes our way.  Without complaint.  Somehow I think Paul would be pleased that we are taking his "advice" to heart...knowing that with God's strength, we can do "all things".
Lord willing, we will be back on American soil tomorrow around 3:30pm...unless the Lord has more surprises in store!

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Journey into the Promised Land
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