Monday, June 29, 2009

The British Museum

The evening we were to leave for London, the weather forecast was foreboding...thunderstorms, strong winds, hail and tornado warnings. I prayed that God would part the sky and allow us through...and He did just that! When he picked us up from the airport Thursday AM, Andrew said that the flight after us was delayed for 2 hours...thank you, Lord, for answered prayer.
Since we were experiencing a bit of jet lag (and you never want to take a nap during the day if you want to acclimate properly), I decided to keep us on course and awake with a quick trip to the British, it was actually exciting.
We only had time to see two things before it closed. The first was the original Rosetta Stone (discovered by Napoleon in Egypt) which allowed us for the first time to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics since the same information was written in three languages...Greek, Demotic ( and early form of Greek used in business), and lastly, Egyptian script.
The next stop was the Hall of Enlightenment, which sums up all that is displayed at the museum. This hall was King George III's personal library, showing what people knew of their world in the early 1800's. It was divided into these 7 categories: Religion and Ritual, Trade and discovery, The Birth of Archaeology, Art and Civilization, Classifying the world, Ancient Scripts, and The Natural World. Each section had books and tangible objects to peruse at one's leisure...truly a gold mine!

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Journey into the Promised Land

Journey into the Promised Land
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