Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Detours and Disappointments...

Now, back to our "Tale of Two Cities" travel blog...my Mom would have enjoyed the tour!
We took the tube to Katie and Andrew's flat so we could walk with them to a nearby Anglican Church for the morning service. Afterwards, Katie ordered Chinese carryout, and we enjoyed a leisurely Sunday dinner together.
Since Andrew was leaving later that afternoon to return to South Africa for business, we left them to prepare for his flight, and headed towards Westminster Abbey, anxious to see the tombs and memorials of famous people buried there. The Medieval architecture of the Abbey was ornate, and stone portals above the doors depicted the twelve apostles and the patriarchs, including Noah, Abraham and Moses. We were disappointed to find that the building was closed to the public on Sundays, but we took a few great shots.
So, we figured we would head to the Victoria and Albert Museum, but discovered that it was too far, and was closing soon...another disappointment!
Since we needed to rise early the next day, in order to take the EuroStar to Paris, we called it a day, and turned in early.

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Journey into the Promised Land

Journey into the Promised Land
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