Monday, September 20, 2010

The French Resistance

     Our last day in Grenoble!  We have had a wonderful time with the Tabailloux family, and were sad to go.  Before we left the country, Jeannie wanted to take us to a museum in town dedicated to the French Resistance, since Grenoble was one of their headquarters.
     It was a very well laid out museum, and thankfully, the signs were in English as well.  There were hundreds of stories dedicated to those who risked their lives for the cause of the Jewish people during WW2.  Along with photos and documents, the displays held objects such as electronics, a printing press, military memorabilia, and cherished items that were used to aid the cause.  There was a feeling of awe and solemnity about the place, and it opened yet another chapter in our knowledge of history.
     Afterwards, we did a bit of grocery shopping, looking for European chocolate bars to share with folks back home.  I was thrilled to find a few "Mr. Men" books in French, to assist us in our continuing study of the language.  Titles such as Mr. Messy, Miss Happy, Mr. Birthday and Mr. Tickle have been popular with children for years.
     For our last dinner Jeannie served traditional Swiss raclette  (cheese melted on a small grill) served with pickles and potatoes...yum!  Raclette originated with farmers and herdsman who prepared melted cheese over a campfire or hearth as far back as 1291.  A perfect meal to end a memorable visit.  We said goodnight, and turned in early, since we had to be at the Lyon airport early in the morning.

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Journey into the Promised Land
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