Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to Vote for Monkeys!

Well, I'm off on another adventure, this time through the world of social media, thanks to  Julie Hedlund, who is hosting the 12x12 in 2012 this January.  Our challenge is to write 12 picture books in 12 months.  Are you game?  Then sign up here quickly, because the deadline fast approaches!

Julie is an author in her own right, and has written "A Troop of Monkeys" a delightful picture book that has been entered in the MeeGenius contest.  She has asked us to vote  for her, and help her promote the contest by navigating, you guessed it...the social media circuit.  This is where I lose my way, and sometimes want to shout, "HELP"!  FaceBook, Twitter and our own personal blogs are stops along the way.  But, wait...I need a roadmap.  How do I link a website to mine?  Or, visa versa?  Or create hidden links under a highlighted name in the text?  Or the biggest challenge (for me at least) to grab buttons for my website?

Even though I am intimidated, it's worth the frustration, not only because it's good practice, but, I truly enjoy Julie's story!  In one post, she shares how she came to write, "A Troop".  Ideas are everywhere, and her husband's discovery started it all.

So come along with me.  Vote  for a great book so her kid's school library can win the entire collection of books featured on MeeGenius.  Join the journey as we enter the contest to promote her book, with the chance of winning many prizes.  Most are for writers, the "Big Kahuna" being a spreadsheet of over 100 agents that are accepting manuscripts, along with all the little details you need to submit your masterpiece!  You are not a writer?  No worries!  Even non-writers have a chance at winning an iPod shuffle!

Polish those social media skills, and head over to Julie's blog for details.  And may our efforts pay off!  In the end, we could all be winners.  If not the Grand Prize, at least the knowledge that we are further down the road through cyberspace, as we navigate the building of a "Writer's Platform."  Here's to you, Julie...I hope you are a winner!


  1. I love the Monkeys book! I should check to see if I can vote again...


  2. How on earth did I miss this post??

    THANK YOU so much!! I am truly honored that you thought my story was worth learning a few new skills for. Truly! <3

  3. You are welcome, Julie...definitely! Can you tell I love and desire to write books that teach children new concepts?


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Journey into the Promised Land
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