Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Are on Our Way...Far Southern Reaches of the World!

12 January 2012
It's been quite a day of travel...two legs, and four tired travelers are arriving soon in Bogota. The flights have been a non-event, thankfully, and we have appreciated the extra room in first and business class. Although, I wouldn't pay for this out of my own pocket, especially on a short flight, it was, none the less, a treat. For Olivia and I, it was a dietary disappointment. You would think, on an overseas business class flight, that they would accommodate special requests...nada!
Customs in bogota went smoothly. The little Spanish we used with the customs officer made him think we were fluent in the language, so he rattled off a string of words! At one point, he took out a type of jeweler's loupe to examine something on my passport. He took his time, which made me wonder what he was looking at. Was it my photo? The paper it was printed on? My signature? I'll never know...
The entire Dubberly family (except Rachel, who's at college), came out in their Chinese 10-passenger van to pick us up. Well, 10 Chinese, maybe, but more like eight Americans and Colombians! Good thing we only had carry-on luggage. We were stuffed like sardines in a can...and we loved every minute of our 15 or so minute drive.
As we talked about the weather, Elaine said that it was fairly constant all year...rain and no rain. When they have two rainy days in a row, the people say, "What a winter we are having!". If there are two sunny days back to back, they say, "What a summer we are having!" We got a chuckle out of that!

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Journey into the Promised Land

Journey into the Promised Land
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