Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tag...I'm It!

Well, it finally happened...I was tagged last Wednesday, by Stephanie.  On
Thursday, I was surprised to discover that I was tagged a second

It's a game we Campaigners play to bring traffic to our sites, stretch our writer's muscles and encourage creativity.  When we are tagged, we answer the questions the tagger has given us, then, tag others, and develop another set of ten questions for the new "tagees".
What to do now?  Answer all the questions?  Only one set?  I liked the one suggestion I was given: Mix and match them.

Okay, here is a mix and match of Traci's and Stephanie's questions, and, of course, my responses:

      What color best describes your personality and why?

I used to like blue as a child, and I'm not sure why.  Maybe I felt stress in my life at that age, and blue calmed me down.  But, as an adult, I suddenly am attracted to green. Bright greens, like lime, pistachio, spring and sea foam green.  They describe how I feel in this fifth decade of life: alive, alert, fresh, growing and learning!

     Which would you rather do, go to the dentist or watch a Pauly Shore movie?

I don't mind a visit to the dentist...and I have bad teeth!  So bad, that on the average, one tooth cracks each year, so I spent quite a bit of time in the chair.  In fact, a wedge shaped piece of my molar just fell out a couple of days ago, so I'm off to my 'teeth healer' again.
I've never seen a Pauly Shore movie, but, from what I've gathered from google, I wouldn't bother!

     If you were forced to travel back in time to live out the rest of your life, when would you prefer to end up (you have to go back at least a hundred years)

That's a tough one...I love history!  Each century has its good and bad points, but in general, I'm fascinated with the Renaissance and Reformation. Even so, I would choose to live in the time of Jesus.  Imagine sitting at his feet like Mary, and hearing the Words of life in person!

     Are you a seat of the pants writer, or do you plan out every detail?

It depends.  If I am participating in a contest, and need to come up with a piece quickly, I write by the seat of my pants.  If I have time, I plan out the details.

     What, besides writing, do you love to do in your spare time?  

I love to travel, so, I'm naturally the one to plan our mega family field trips. We've travelled to every continent but Antarctica!  Did I tell you that we home educate our two teenagers?  I have a sparse amount of spare time...

     How far would you need to travel to get to the mountains? 

I'm closer to the Adirondacks than the Rockies...about a thousand miles.

     If cheap, safe space travel were possible, would you hop on a ship or stay firmly planted on Earth?

I'm afraid of heights, so, I would have my feet planted on Terra Firma!

     Why did you decide to start a blog?  

I wanted to share the amazing things we saw and learned on our family travels.  But, what began as a travel blog, is morphing into a journey through the Writer's World!

     How many books/short stories/poems/songs etc. have you written?

I have written five PBs...four based on Scripture, and one, a hedgehog.  Two
are being considered for publication at this time.

     What genre is your current wip? 

A non-fiction picture book about an incident which took place during the smallpox epidemic in the 1800's.

     Do you write what you know, or stretch your imagination, or both?  

The challenges I have participated in; PiBoIdMo, 12x12 in 2012, A to Z Blogging, and the Writer's Platform Campaign have forced me (in a good way) to stretch my imagination, especially in the area of fiction.  I have a tendency to read and write non-fiction, so the stretch is good for my literary muscles!

     Who would you like to see on a coin/money?  

I'd love to see those that were martyred for their faith, such as missionary Jim Elliott, honored in such a way.  So many people who gave their lives for their God and country deserve to be recognized...

     What’s your favorite place to write and why?  
If I can't get away by myself to a quiet, scenic outdoor location (which rarely happens), I like to settle into my comfy high-back chair in my own Victorian sitting room.

     If you could move anywhere in the world where would it be?
What a difficult decision from one who loves to travel the world!  Someplace quiet, I would say. Probably a little cottage in the Cotswolds, or tiny house in the French countryside.

     What book (craft or otherwise) have you learned the most from?
I have to honestly say "The Bible".  One can never run out of things to learn.  It's like looking in a mirror within a mirror within a mirror...endless!

Now, for my questions:

1. Did you know when you were a child, that you would be a writer?  If so, share the moment...

2. Would you order a meat dish or go vegan at a restaurant?

3. What was your favorite subject in high school?

4. When you are working on a story, which do you find most difficult: writing a beginning or ending?

5. Do you have more trouble with grammar, or finding just the right descriptive word?

6. What would you not want to leave undone before you left this world?

7. What makes you laugh?

8. Are you an introvert or extrovert?  What about your characters?

9. If you were limited to writing and publishing only one book, what would  the subject be?

10. If you wrote your autobiography, what would you entitle it?

Who will be answering the above questions on their blogs?  Who did I tag?

The winners are:   Ruth Schiffmann  and Jodi Su...Congratulations, Ladies!


  1. Fun post Jarm. I love travel too, so we're kindred spirits there. And I have a feeling you'll make it to Antarctica one day. :-)

  2. Thanks Julie! Yes, we are kindred spirits, and I hope you are right...


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