Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Undiscovered and Useful Links: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Below are some of my most useful links which I use at various times during the year...hope they are helpful!

The Spiritual Life

Precept Ministries International


Moody Radio

Positively Feminine

Christian Books Distributors


Bulk Herb Store


Household Measurements and Conversions 

Fresh As A Daisy Soaps

Minky Fabrics

The Hosta Farm

Money Saving Mom

Pet Wellbeing

Exotic Pet Supplies

Organizing the Home and Schedule

America's Cheapest Family

Organizing Paperwork

Culinary Arts:

All Recipes

The Urban Homemaker


Anti-Jetlag Diet

OneBag Packing

Home Exchange

Out of Print and Used Books:


Exodus Books

Historic/Period Book Lovers:

The Great Books

Beautiful Feet Books

Vision Forum

Lamplighter Publishing

Home Education:

HomeSchool Classifieds

Rainbow Resource

How Stuff Works

Teach With Movies

Ben's Guide to the Government

Classical Homeschooling

Home Educator's Resource

Home School Convention

Simply Charlotte Mason

Health and Wellness Products:


Lucky Vitamin

Dr. Mercola


Growing Families International

Cooking with Kids

Thriving Family

Movie Reviews

Raising Arrows

Talents/Strengths Assessment:


For the Writer:

Children's Book Insider

Christian Writer's Guild

Rhyme Zone

Every Writer's Resource

Grammar Helps

Vista Print 

Which one looks interesting to pursue?  Just click on the title to arrive at the site...And please pass on this post to anyone who could benefit by them.

Do you have a link to contribute to one of the categories above?  If so, add it to the comments below...thanks!


  1. wonderful links--i will be coming back to check some out--thanks for stopping by today--good to meet you :)

    1. Good to meet you, too, Lynn...I'm glad you found something 'useful'!

  2. Awesome post! I have bookmarked it in favorites and will have to come back to check out several of the sites. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am pleased, Angie, that you found some good links!

  3. Great round-up of links! I like the ones for used books! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Alison...it's always fun to find a new link for a book-lover! Thanks for stopping by...


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