Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been awarded twice for the Kreativ Blogger Award...thank you ladies!

Chris at Kelworth Files who hosted the A to Z "Script Frenzy", and  KS Collier, author of "The Veil" (see her marvelous book trailers) passed it on to me...what a surprise!  Check out their blog links above, and read their answers to the Kreativ questions!

What is involved in receiving the honor?  Here is a rundown:


1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2. Answer the seven questions
3. Provide ten random factoids about yourself.
4. Last but not at all least, hand this on to seven deserving others.

So, here are my questions (a melding of the two sets given to my predecessors) and Random thoughts:


1. What’s your favorite song?

I am drawn to meaningful old hymns: "It is Well with My Soul", "Take My Life and Let It Be", and, "Be Still, My Soul". Here is an excerpt:

"Be still, my soul; the Lord is on thy side;
Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain;
Leave to thy God to order and provide;
In every change He faithful will remain."

2. What’s your favorite dessert?

I have always loved ice cream, so, you can see how disappointed I was to discover I am intolerant to dairy!  But, my second choice is baked goods, and I've learned to make some delicious gluten-free versions. My current favorite is a lemon cake made with almond flour...very moist and flavorful.

3. What do you do when you’re upset?

Talk to God, sometimes shed a tear, and often keep it inside so I don't bother anyone.  It depends if it's a "sad" upset or an "angry" upset. I tend to show my feelings more if I am angry.

4. Which is your favorite pet?

We have had so many unusual pets...chameleons, hedgehog, mudskippers to name a few, so it's tough to choose.
Then, there is the dog/cat dilemma.  I've had both, but I must say, that I prefer cats because it's so easy to care for them, and they don't demand anything from you (other than your service to them!). Our two Ragdoll cats, Luciano and Cosette, are opposites, but they each have their virtues.
My childhood pets were two Chihuahuas, Scampy and Geronimo...both whom I loved dearly!

5. Which do you prefer? White or whole wheat?

Ask my children that question, and they will immediately say, "wheat, of course"!  No pasty white "enriched" (with chemicals) Wonder bread that you can roll into a tight spitball-sized orb.  Nope...I want all the natural vitamins that the bran provides (which makes it "whole" wheat), the way God intended it to be eaten.  (I can see my son cringing right about now...enough said!)

6. What is your biggest fear?

Heights, definitely...especially if I am on a mountain, or tall building where there are no protective railings.

7. What is your attitude mostly?

I'm generally even tempered (unless I am sharing a passion or pet peeve of mine, then, look out!), and want to please others.  Hurting other's feelings is a big concern of mine, so sometimes I compromise my standards which I am not proud of!


My father was born in The Czech Republic, and my Mother's parents, in Slovakia, so I am truly "Czechoslovakian"!

I took a few months of Japanese lessons when I was in upper elementary school.

I was 17 when I graduated from HS, and only 20 when I received my teaching degree...I went straight through college in three years!

I've travelled to six out of seven continents in my lifetime...some two to three times.

I am a morning person...if I am awakened by an alarm too early, I can't get back to sleep.  Very frustrating for me!

I was a nanny for a Chicago news anchor in the 80's.

My favorite high school subject was etymology...the study of Greek and Latin roots.  I became quite good at it, and was the winner of the "numbskulls" team in our class' "word root" bee!

I refuse to follow the crowd...I like to be unique in every way.  I choose what I like to wear regardless of trends, and don't let the world dictate who I am or what I do.  Only God has that place in my life. It comes, I think, from being an only child.

I am the ultimate in frugality...I refuse to pay full price at resale shops!

In HS, my Driver's Ed teacher called me a "lead foot"...I always engage the cruise control on the tollway, so I don't accidentally exceed the speed limit.


So, I’m passing the Kreativ Blogger award to the following deserving writers:

Pam at 2Encourage
Mandy at Biblical Homemaking
Carrie at "The Slow-DrippedLife"
Brianna at "BibleBloggers"
BJ at "Joy2Journey"
Sue at "Kid Lit Reviews"
Arlee at "A Few Words"

Enjoy, and pass on the torch to others!


  1. Thank you! I'm honored!
    I loved reading more about you in this post! How cool that you've been to six of the seven continents! And Bravo for finishing college in just three years!
    When I'm upset, I tend to wallow in self-pity rather than turn to prayer and God. I'm really working on not letting myself get caught up in emotion and remember to rely on God's awesome comfort!

    1. You are welcome, Brianna...enjoy! And yes, we women get too emotional, and forget to give our feelings to God, and let Him carry the burden. Blessings on your weekend!

  2. Congratulations on being awarded twice!

    1. Thanks, was fun to come up with the factoids!

  3. I too am a Czechoslovakian! But only half. My mom married a Hines 57 :) Thank you so much for thinking of me and it was fun to get to know you a bit better!

    1. How neat is that, BJ? There aren't too many of us around. Enjoy the award, and I'll look forward to discovering new things about you as well!

  4. Thank you for nominating Kid Lit Reviews for a Kreativ Award. I will make sure to tell Erik. ;)

    Thanks for straightening out the confusion. Now you need to go check out Erik's site: Not a bad little blog for a ten-year-old and he has garnered an enviable number of followers who actually comment.

    Thanks again. -- Sue

    1. You are welcome, Sue...and thanks for passing the word on to Erik. He is an amazingly talented young man! I'll check out his blog again, too. Congratulations, and enjoy the award!

  5. Thank you for the kind shout out, Jarm!
    After reading what you shared here, I see that your intriguing profile picture very aptly expresses the inner you and gives us a glimpse of your inquisitive nature. I just love it.

    1. I never connected the two, Pam...good observation! I am indeed inquisitive, which is why I like to travel. Enjoy your well-deserved award!


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