Friday, June 1, 2012

The San Antonio Botanic Gardens...a Beautiful Piece of God's Green Earth

This morning (Wednesday) at breakfast I finally was able to capture a photo of the Blue Heron(?) that has eluded me these past few days. A nice lady sitting next to us offered to take a photo of us, so you have her to thank!

I had heard so much about the SA Botanic Gardens, that I decided we must go...and I'm glad we did! Although the GPS took us off course, we did arrive before noon. The day was hot and cloudy, but not oppressive.

We first visited the Texas Native Trail, which featured plants from the Eastern Piney Woods, with its pine, magnolia and dogwood trees around a lake. Next, it was

SouthWest Texas with its drought tolerant plants, and the Hill Country environment with live oak, Uvalde Maple and mountain laurel.

Near the backside of the gardens were three conservatories which rose from the ground like enormous glass funnels. The desert environment had a variety of cacti, the palm house featured a spiral walkway, and the fern grotto and orangerie sported a two-story waterfall. A reflective pond with lily pads and an unusual pair of ducks was in the center of the ring of hot houses.

Next was the Japanese garden, and an amazing sensory garden for the blind. Not only did the garden have Braille plaques, but sculptures to explore and herbs to crush and savor. A beautiful garden for both the sighted and blind!

We drove back to the hotel, bought Mario a bagel from Einstein's, then Olivia and I took off on foot for the Menger Hotel for lunch. This establishment is the oldest in the city, and is famous for housing Teddy Roosevelt in 1898, when he was recruiting his "Rough Riders" to fight in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. We enjoyed the small display in the lobby with uniforms and the flag that was carried up San Juan Hill.

If you have been following our travel log, which attraction would you like to visit?

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Journey into the Promised Land
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