Saturday, April 27, 2013

Les Misérables: X is for Every Way!

The Oscars: Can You Hear the People Sing?  I Dreamed a Dream that They Won All!  Am I On My Own in this?  Les Mis should have won more Oscar Awards!

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At first, I was discontented. Well, okay, miserable. Only three awards out of eight possible? C'mon! Couldn't the judges see the talent, energy, and pathos that went into the production?

Although we don't watch the Oscars, I was curious to see how my favorite film of the year fared against the others. Best supporting actress? Of course! Best sound mixing? I agree. Best Makeup and Hairstyling? I can see that, too. But, I wanted them to win all. Then I settled down and realized two things: 1. there are other deserving actors/actresses, and 2. political correctness played a part in the judges decisions. I'm positive of that. Yes, even, and especially, in Hollywood!

So, I leave you with the musical performance of Les Misérables that deserved an Oscar of its own! 

Performance at the Oscars 2013

Of course, only God deserves our ultimate praise and worship, but, as we do our best in our work and life, we reflect God's excellence:

"Praise him (God) for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness."  Psalms 150: 2

Do you think Les Mis deserved more awards at the Oscars?


  1. Political correctness all the way...I stopped watching the Oscars long ago. I think it was when I realized that the award is given by a group of people with bias...oh, that sounds a bit jaded, but Les Mis should have won more awards! :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog on the A-Z journey...I'm behind in visiting, here's my post from yesterday:

    1. It's sad, isn't it, Stephanie? At least WE have good taste! ;-}. Thanks for stopping by. . .

  2. I always watch the Oscars but I have rarely seen any of the nominated movies for years now. So I can't have an opinion on Les Mis. :-( I do try to go to the library to watch the shorts. I find them fun. It is very easy to pick who is going to win because of the politics. One year I guessed every single one of the winners one year.

  3. I'd say you are pretty good at it. Thanks for stopping by, Junebug!


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