Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Help for Non-Fiction Picture Book Writers

What a month February has been!

It was full of helpful, insightful and creative suggestions for writing non-fiction picture books based on science and history. What has helped me along the way? I'm glad you asked!

It's Kristen Fulton's Non-Fiction Archaeology Class!

We dug, overturned and examined every aspect of writing non-fiction for children. Here is a list of a few class topics:

Finding your topic
Doing the research
Keeping Track of resources
Narrowing your idea
What is non-fiction?
Difference between creative non-fiction and historical fiction

Many simple assignments were given for the above topics, along with examining current picture books for content and style.

Each Monday evening Kristen held a live Webinar, in which we received more info about the coming week. We were able to ask questions, and get help where needed.

By the third week, we were writing!

Kristen discussed the parts of a non-fiction picture book, and gave us nifty worksheets to help us gather info and begin writing. She then discussed "back matter" and what it contained.

One of the most helpful assignments was guiding us in finding the perfect template text for our story. It made it sooo much easier to write our story!!

We wrote, edited, reworded, etc until we felt like we could complete our story. Not perfect, but out there. Since we were part of a private FaceBook group, we were able to post our stories, and get valuable feedback from our fellow classmates. And at the end, we could submit to an agent!!!


Here were my comments at the at the end of our course: "Your course is rich with well organized advice and instruction. I have gained so much in this short course. And what an honor to be in the inaugural group! What a fantabulous (as you would say) course you have created. This definitely ranks as STELLAR!  You have a gift, Kristen. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.  And I so appreciate you taking time to talk with me the other day. I learned more in four weeks with you, than I have in a year of reading books on the craft of writing. Seriously!"

If you have been struggling with writing non-fiction picture books, HELP IS HERE!! Go to Kristen's website HERE for detailed info on the course. Sign up there as well.

Is writing non-fiction your passion?  Then check out Kristen's website today.  You won't be sorry!


  1. Thank you- this was a lovely post.

    1. You are welcome, Kristen! The gift goes on . . .;-}

  2. Great write-up of the class, Jarmila! So glad you took it with me.

    1. Me, too, Tina. It's a real blessing to be on the same "team"!

  3. Dropping by from the A to Z. I don't write non-fiction, but this sounds like a very useful course.

    anna @ Deeply Shallow
    Have a theme for A to Z? Reveal it with us on March 21 during the #atozreveal!

    1. Thanks, Anna! Unfortunately, due to other commitments, I won't be able to join this year. Maybe in 2015?


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