Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beyond the Call of Duty

Today was another lazy day. I can't believe we have only three more days on board ship! We dock tonight in St. Petersburg, and tour tomorrow through Tuesday. Visiting this beautiful city has always been a dream of mine, and it is finally coming true.

Before I mention today's itinerary, let me introduce you to the staff of the ship, AMAKATERINA:

Here is our faithful, organized and very calm and sweet cruise director, Inna, along with Captain Sergey. 

Tonight, we had the Captain's reception, and a special meal made for the event. Instead of the usual buffet style (which was very good) we had an excellent choice of meals served to us at the table.

Here are the staff members that made Olivia's and my diet choices a breeze. They were at our beck and call, as they presented the menu with choices we could eat, and amended them if they had dairy or gluten.

From left to right: Dimitry, Makis, Victor, Alex and Victoria

This is Valeria, our gift shop expert:

And our receptionists, Tatiana, Angelina and Olga:

A close up of Angelina. Don't you think her name fits? We had a nice chat last night: 

Our tour guides greeting us as we entered the dining room (Anna second on right), Anastasia third on left, and the many other ladies and gentlemen who helped us as we toured on land, making sure we had a good experience.

Even if they are not pictured, all AMAWaterways staff did their jobs with excellence, and in all situations. We have had a delightful experience!

A few more shots of the staff:

(Alla, our sweet sommelier) 

And scenes from the shore, and one of our ship:

At noon, we left the ship and walked into town to visit a local in her home, and have tea and pastries. It was nice to have the opportunity to ask her questions about her life in Svirstroy:

And her kotchka:

And garden:

Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day, touring all day in St. Petersburg, and the ballet at night! Looking forward to this stunning city . . . 

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