Thursday, May 8, 2014

You Be The Judge. . .

It does my heart good to be an ambassador not only for Christ, but for all those who have loved and cared for orphaned children in Russia, and parents who have brought those children home.

Again today, we brought joy to those at the Vladimir Children's Home where Olivia spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life. Although it was remodeled, it brought back memories for Dan and I. Here are some highlights:

Olivia poses at the front door.

The beautiful room where we picked up Olivia on the last day of our visit.

Here was the room back then. Dan is helping Olivia dress in the clothing we brought to take her home.

The urologist that worked at the orphanage when Olivia was there. She remembered her, and it brought tears once again to eyes that drank in the sight of a "success story". Most never know wha happens once the adoptees go home.

A sensory room where children get the visual and tactile stimulation they need to grow normally.

Adorable bedroom. . .

The first video we received was of Olivia deftly taking apart and putting together these matryoshka dolls.

Twin boy. . .

. . . And girl going home this very day to a Russian family. Adoptions are still open within the country, thank the Lord!

Olivia takes Papa's hand as she did over 16 years ago, and heads out the very same door!

Next is tea with Irina, the judge who heard Olivia's case and approved! She too, was overjoyed to see Mario and Olivia healthy and happy. She took the time from her busy schedule at court to make us tea and serve tiramisu. 

A close up. . . We didn't realize that adoptions opened to the US only six months before we brought Mario home in 1996.

Then a tour of the building and a criminal court room complete with cell!

The Russian government crest.

A visit to Suzdal, a vacation spot an hour from Vladimir. Many cultural museums are located there. This one represented the wooden architecture in the area during the 18th and 19th century:

One last pic with Tania, who made this trip back into time possible:

Then, on to Moskva, where we will experience first hand Russia's V-day: the victory over fascist Germany in 1945. The parade begins tomorrow morning around 10am, and passes by  close to our hotel before ending in Red Square. It's the biggest celebration of the year!

A small repast  at the Kitezh pectopah (restaurant) before turning in. . . 


  1. I enjoyed this post. What a wonderful trip for your family and for the workers, who helped you all. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. You are welcome, Stacy! So glad you enjoyed reading about our journey.

  2. Very fun following you on tour with photos.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Tina. It's been difficult to condense all the things we have done and learned these past few days. Edit, edit, edit!

  3. This was delightful, brought tears to my eyes. And Mario and Olivia are clearly having a wonderful visit. What a blessing your whole family was to the orphanage to see the fruit of their labors. You have encouraged them more than you can imagine.

    1. Yes, Karen, it's been a blessing all around. I'm so thankful God allowed us to make the trip. He has done great things!

  4. What a wonderful journey back in time for the kids! How wonderful for them to meet the judge and doctor from the orphanage! Thank you Vicki for your blog!

    1. You are welcome, Bari. Thanks for reading it and commenting!


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