Friday, June 22, 2012

15 Habits of Great Writers: Build and Connect

"If you build it, they will come" Theodore Roosevelt

But, I've begun a it the same as building??

There's a fundamental difference between starting something and actually building it.
"Building" something creatively happens the same it does in the "real" world — with a lot of sweat and pain and grunting. It's not easy; if it is, you're doing it wrong.
So what does this look like when it comes to writing? It means showing up and doing the work, day-in and day-out. If you're not doing this already, you need to be....JEFF GOINS 15 Habits of Great Writers

Well, this morning I failed. I got up at 5am, sat down in my Victorian chair, and had major writer's block. Not just a block. I felt as if my brain had been hijacked to another state. I began to shake. It was then I realized that I would not be productive this morning...I needed more sleep. Sometimes we need to adjust to real life. I'll get up at 6am tomorrow, and see if I can be more productive. I truly want to do this, Lord!!

Next was Jeff's challenge: FINISH something you have begun!

The first thing that came to mind was a "dummy" of my picture book, "The Prickly, Tickly Hedgehog". I've been meaning to do it for months, so, by tonight, it will be done. This step is important in PB writing. One needs to see where the text falls on the page, to make sure it breaks at the appropriate time, so kids look forward to what's next, and, there will be a balance of text on each page.


Jeff tells us there are three important ways to connect. We need to:

Make friends (those of like-mind, writers)
Find fans (by helping people, giving them what they need)
Earn patrons (leaders and influencers in the writing industry).

His challenge: reach out to one of each today. If you receive an email from me, you'll know I've picked you!

I have been blessed by my 12x12 in 2012 group, who serve to enlighten and encourage me on the road to publication.  Julie Hedlund has orchestrated this challenge group.  Our goal?  To write 12 picture book manuscripts (first draft) in 12 months!  For more info, click here.

So, what project have you left hanging that you could finish today??

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