Saturday, June 23, 2012

15 Habits of Great Writers: Share and Declutter

Why wouldn't I want to share another author's works?  We do not exist in a vacuum. We learn from each other... by reading great works.

Jeff encourages us in this 10th Day of 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge:

"Great writers SHARE. Not just their own knowledge, ideas, and expertise. They also share the work of others and credit them accordingly. And ironically, paradoxically, they ultimately benefit from their own generosity."

With that in mind, today I want to share a company and an author with my audience. They publish and promote inspiring children's books from the 18th and early 19th century.  So?  These books focus on something readers of modern fiction rarely find: CHARACTER. 

Each and every book reveals a character's relationship with God, his fellow man, and himself...for good or evil.  Every title could be considered a classic...they are thought provoking, have deep character development, and the plots keep you hanging!

So, where can you find them? Right here at Lamplighter Publishing. Mark Hamby is the president and an author himself.  He is doing a tremendous job of tracking down old, charming, but meaty books to republish.  Many of the books have been dramatized...check them out here.


Before you can do the work of creating anything, you've got to clear off the desk and get your stuff in order. It doesn't have to be perfect, but your mess isn't helping you; it's not contributing to the creative process. And you need to stop hiding behind it...Jeff Goins: 15 Habits of Great Writers, Declutter

He suggests you:

Clean up your workspace

I removed over 50 yet-to-be-read books from under my Victorian Sitting Room table, and placed them, categorized, on other shelves around the house!

Get rid of non-essentials in your writing: Words

My weakness...weak, unnecessary, lazy words. I will be revising two of my mss this week, striking those words from the text.

Below is Jeff's list of weak words. Find the entire post here.

used to
have got

How many of these words do you overuse? No matter your profession, can you clean out your workspace today?

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