Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Les Misérables: N is for NOT Now . . . Not again!

Psalms 31:15

My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors!

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The Thenardiers and Javert turn up at the most inconvenient times . . .

Just when you thought you were rid of these characters, they would come back into the picture. They were two sides of a bad penny. Two extremes.

Javert upholds the law to the extreme. . . the letter of the Law.

The Thenardiers are a law unto themselves . . . Lawless.

Javert turns up at Monsieur Mayor's factory, where he discovers who Valjean truly is. Later, at the docks, he's encountered on his beat, faithfully doing his duty in attempting to "book" Fantine. Thankfully, Valjean intervenes.  Javert shows up at poor Fantine's deathbed, and duels with Valjean. Years later, he's found policing the Paris streets, is revealed as a spy the Barricade, and finally, follows Valjean into the sewers.

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The Thenardiers were regulars on the Paris streets, then Mr. Thenardier encounters Jean in the underground sewers, trying to extract a ring from a supposedly dead Marius.  Finally, they gain a audience with Marius at his own wedding, of all places. They have no shame. It wouldn't surprise me if they showed up years later when the couple have their first child, hoping to be chosen as "godparents". Unthinkable!

I was impressed with how Jean Valjean responded to these villains.  He didn't fight back.  He continued to do what he knew God wanted him to do...help others.

Are you plagued by enemies at every turn?  How do you cope?


  1. thought provoking post--i find as i get older, i don't seem to have the enemies i once did--or maybe i just don't notice them :)

    1. True . . . I think we are much more tolerant of others as we grow older and wiser, Lynn.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones!


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