Thursday, July 2, 2015

A quintessentially quiet day . . .

Spent the day the way God intended us to spend it . . .resting!
Yes, we were on the go, but in an entirely different way.

Since Trinity Chippenham meets in the late afternoon, we were at our leisure this morning. So, Melanie took us to a quintessential English village. One that is frequented by visitors from all over the globe. Sometimes, the place is empty. At other times, like today, it was full of tourists.

The gardens were lovely . . .




We found two lovely spots to take a photo of the Meads (minus Peter, who was fine tuning his sermon for today):

And I also found our next home:

Unfortunately the price was NOT right, so I will just dream . . 

We walked through a graveyard, and saw some thought provoking tombstones:



And found forget-me-nots appropriately growing in the church cemetery.

A war memorial:

A business built on trust . . .

A few more photos of this quaint village:




Dr. Who???

And one for fun . . .if you blinked, you'd miss this town. It was a block of homes off the road. Full stop.

Tomorrow, we head for Bath which is considered Austen-ville. Although according to the weather report, we will be taking a shower!


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