Friday, July 3, 2015

Showers in Bath . . .but still a great day with Jane Austen!

When we arrived via train (which was a half hour late), we walked up the cobblestone street to the visitor's center (always the best move), and purchased our tickets for all the attractions we would need for our two days in Bath.

Our first stop were the Roman Baths. . . Actually discovered long before the Romans arrived, but they dedicated this natural mineral spring to their goddess Minerva. Later, it became a popular place, especially in Jane Austen's era, to 'take the waters' for the sake of one's health.

Here are a few photos:

A view from an upper level. . . 

A woman of the Roman times. . .



The source of the spring. . . 

Another view form above. . . 

We were brave and tasted the mineral water. . .not too bad. Just a slight irony taste.


Then we went for 'lunch' and had an entire (both top and bottom) of the very famous Sally Lund Bun. It is so large, that you must eat it with a knife and fork. Here is Olivia triumphantly eating it. It's our first break in our diet since New Year's, but we couldn't come to Bath without trying one!

A few photos of the shop front. . .read all the plaques if you have the time.



Then we took a bus tour of the city. . .the next best thing to do after arriving in a new city:



A golf course that Dan would have loved to play!

Bridge view of Bath. . .




A few pic from the Jane Austen Center:

Me and Jane. . .or is it 'Jane and I'?

Tea was so dear, that it had to be kept under lock and key. . .and the mistress of the house kept the key hanging around her neck!

Beautiful regency costuming . . .

A forensic rendering of what Jane probably looked like using family descriptions, and a sketch.

Then, for dinner, we met up with an American friend, Hannah, attending Bath Spa University. We had a delightful dinner and an evening walk along the river (I'm sure Jane would have been pleased).

A parting shot of the Bath Abbey at night:

Stay tuned for day two in Bath!

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