Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bad Hair Day for Penguins

Today we ventured forth to a Pottery Craft Fair in the rain. Obviously all who attended were die-hards. The weather did not dampen their quest for the best pot. I found a fabulous one to match my dishes. Of course, it had a British feel instead of African. Well, I couldn't help it . . .

Next stop, the African penguins of Simonstown, a suburb outside Cape Town. These jaunty creatures are unique to this area, and were in the midst of their 21 day molt in preparation for summer.

This poor guy was having a bad hair day. Which inspired another title for my future picture book projects. I can think of a title and get it started, but it's the middle I struggle with. 

Here are a few more views:

Gorgeous terrain . . .

This fella looks like he's wearing a fur coat!

Afterwards, we went for a coffee . . .

And took a few photos of these crazy, whimsical metal sculptures:

And saw a bird of paradise in the wild. . .not since Papua New Guinea have I seen these!

The next morning, before taking off for Johannesburg, we worshiped with our black sisters and brothers at Kayamandi Baptist Church. Wow! Those ladies sure knew how to sing praises to God! They danced around in a circle as the Spirit led:

One sister reminded us from Hebrews to 'follow God's pattern' in all we do:

All in all a lovely day to say goodbye to our dear friends the DuBerts and head to the East.

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Journey into the Promised Land

Journey into the Promised Land
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