Monday, November 23, 2015

Exploring South Africa

We have been on the go non-stop since we hit the ground in Johannesburg six days ago. Which is definitely my speed. Thanks to my good friend and former college roomie, Karen, we packed everything we could, weather permitting into these past few days. 

So, join me as we explore our first destination: Cape Town (and environs)!

Our first stop, of course, was Table Mountain, now one of the new 7 wonders of nature. After having a nice look around town, the Red Bus tour wound its way up the hills and to the base of the cable car. The base revolves, so everyone, during the 5 minute journey, is able to get a good shot out an open window.

Africa has its own plant kingdom, identified as "Cape Floral Kingdom" which has 1,500 unique species. Many are found at the top:

The views, of course, were magnificent!

And the rock formations were just as interesting:

Along with the lush greenery:

Continuing the Red Bus Tour, we stopped at Camp's Bay, where the rich and famous go to hide (and film). Since filming costs a fraction of US prices, and the location is similar to the California coast, Hawaii, and many other islands, it's perfect:

That evening, we stopped at Pick and Pay to buy groceries. I chuckled as I perused the foreign products. This one caught my eye, and Dan dutifully posed:

When we arrived at our lodgings, this stunning sunset came into view. Table Mountain framed perfectly!

The next day, when we planned to go to Robben Island (leper colony and apartheid prison), the weather refused to cooperate, so, Karen suggested we drive to Franschhoek and see the Huguenot memorial, and take the Winery Tram Tour. Brilliant!

In the memorial gardens, there were lovely Protea blooms, the South African national flower:

Then, on to the tram tour!

We visited three wineries. . .each having its own 'flavor', much like Tuscany. Here are a few shots:

My drink of choice . . . Can't go wrong with crystal clear water!

One winery had sculptures . . .

Sculpture sillies:

We thought this description was a hoot. . .

A beautiful end to the day!

And a beautiful view . . .


  1. I'm enjoying your Africa photos!

    1. So glad you are enjoying them, Tina! I have little time to post, but I'm trying my best to keep up.


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