Wednesday, December 2, 2015

An Afternoon Safari

We took a dip in the pool overlooking the Zambezi River, and then moved on to our next adventure: a safari through the smallest game park in Zambia, close to our hotel.  The adventurous trio. . .

It was the habitat for the major African animal groups, except the lion and leopard. Due to its proximity to our lodge, and the probability they would eat the creatures systematically in this small park, the keepers decided against keeping them.

     Our first encounter: Cape Buffalo


                               Bok (or buck) of all varieties. This one is an Impala

                                                                   Giraffe, of course. . .


                                           Couldn't resist this guy. . .

     Baboons. . .our flight's landing was delayed because of mischievous monkeys!


                              Zebra (the "e" has a short, not long sound in Afrikkans)


                                                The elusive Guinea fowl, who scattered each time our jeep approached.  

      About 8-10 elephant crossed the road in a parade, coming from the river at dusk. The perfect time        
      to see wildlife!


                                          What a treat to see the white (or wide-mouthed) rhino, which were     
                                          sequestered in a fenced off area for safety. We were yards from them, out in     
                                          the open!


                                           These guards were monitoring them 24/7. . .

     Years ago, these were the barracks of officers who guarded the entire park. . .


                                    Now it's the hideout for the monitor lizard!

      The day ended with a brilliant sunset . . .but not before we returned to our 'gated community'.


            Stay tuned for our continuing adventure: Victoria Falls and the border crossing . . .

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Journey into the Promised Land
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