Sunday, December 6, 2015

Victoria Falls: Wonder of the Natural World

Since there had been barely any rain, even though it was supposed to be the rainy season, the Falls on the Zambian side were completely dry. Thankfully, we were able to purchase Kaza visas (combined Zambia/Zimbabwe entry) just in case.

We were picked up at the lodge at precisely 7:50 am, and headed for the Zimbabwe border. Thiswas definitely a third-world experience. People and cars everywhere. Trucks lined up. People lined up at the emigration office. It was a miracle we got through in a matter of minutes. 

Check out this stowaway. Turns out these baboons are as common as squirrels in the US.

A short bring spanning the grand expanse between the two sides of the Falls:

Anyone up for bungee jumping into the great expanse? No thanks!

Before we took a step down the path to the Falls, we ran into this adorable pair:

Expert garbage pickers!

Our first sight of the glorious falls. . .with a rainbow as an added blessing!

Crazy kids paid $140 dollars each to have a guide bring them to the brink of the falls, in order to lay back over the edge for a daring shot for FaceBook. No thanks! It made us nervous just watching them from across the gorge.

I had no worries about safety. . .these thorn bushes kept us in line. One step to far, and the pain would catapult you backwards. Ingenious. . .the Zimbabwean version of the electric fence. 😉

Of course, no trip is complete without a photo next to Dr. David Livingstone (I presume?) who discovered the falls!

A panoramic view. . .

The happy travelers!

So good to have our missionary friend, Martha Logan join us in our Zambian/Zim adventures. . .

Fire Balls!

Heading back accross the border from Zimbabwe to Zambia. . .but not before snapping a photo of this adorable baby!

And believe it or not, by 11:30am, we were at the airport, ready to board our flight back to Johannesburg!


  1. As someone living in a drought stricken South Africa, I find it horrifying to think that the Victoria Falls are dry.

    1. Hopefully, not for long, Misha. . .the rains are on their way!


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Journey into the Promised Land
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