Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chasing Jane Austen

Our last day in Bath. . .and what a gorgeous day it was!

We began it in the Pump Room, above the Roman Baths, were we had breakfast. Here, years ago, visitors would take the mineral waters for health. It is still available for a taste today . . .




Then, after a hearty meal and (of course) tea, we followed the trail of homes where Jane lived in the middle part of her life. Here was her first and favorite, at 4 Sydney Place:

. . .across the street from vibrant Sydney Gardens, where she would walk as she pondered the scenes from her next chapter. "Northanger Abbey" some of it set in Bath, had a main character who loved this town, reflecting Jane's own feelings of the place the first time she stayed here.



She also lived in Queen's Square:


And her least favorite, Trim Street. . . By this time, many years later, she hated Bath, and it had changed. More seedy, with rampant crime and gambling. This view was reflected by the heroine in the novel "Persuasion".


Next, we visited the famous 'Royal Crescent' built by architect John Wood. A "declaration of love" scene from "Persuasion" was filmed on the pavement in front of these apartments.






Taken from the back stairs of 1 No. Royal Crescent . . .

Then, on to The Fashion Museum!

They showed the progression of fashion (considered an art form), from the 1700’s to the present. Here are a few of my favorites:

These ladies would have entered a doorway sideways . . . 

Love these stripes!

Give the guys a chance. Intricate embroidery on tails. . .

Of course, the Jane Austen Era dress . . .

Just decades ago. . .

More Austen era dresses to be wore at the Assembly Room dances. . .the latest in Muslin!

Dresses from my grandmother's era . . .

Black dresses were made popular by Queen Victoria after her beloved Albert's death. She wore black for the remainder of her life and reign . . . Over 40 years!

These remind me of the Titanic era. . . 1910 or there about abouts.

Jane Austen (Olivia) meets Jane Eyre!

A quasi-selfie. . .

The Assembly Rooms were young women went to meet the young men. Since having a husband was the means to avoiding poverty, dances were well attended!


Fun on Milcom Street, in the shopping district. Jolly is the oldest department store in Bath. We honored Princess Kathryn by trying on her signature hat: the fascinator . . .

Some parting shots of historic Bath. . .

The River Avon 

Tomorrow, we take the train to the Medieval city of York, to focus on the Vikings, castles and cobblestone streets. Not related to literature, per se, but it's the gateway to Brontë country and Jane Eyre's moors and dales.

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Journey into the Promised Land
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